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  • Thermal Spray Systems

    Ventura and Associates is proud to announce a partnership with Thermach, Inc and McLaughlin & Associates Thermal Spray, Inc., in providing our customers with the state of the art thermal spray system.

    Thermach, Inc., a USA based manufacturer of quality thermal spray systems, devices and consumable parts has announced it has partnered with McLaughlin & Associates Thermal Spray, Inc. to market, service and support the AT-400 electric wire arc spray system to the global tube and pipe market. McLaughlin & Associates will be assisted by Ventura & Associates in the US and internationally. The AT-400 is used on tube mills to remetallize the weld seam for galvanized and aluminized tube product.

    Thermach has provided training and technical assistance to McLaughlin & Associates in order to fully support their mutual customers. Thermach employs just-in-time manufacturing and can ship a fully operational AT-400 system ready to be installed on a weld seam remetallizing line within two weeks of receiving the complete customer order. McLaughlin & Associates will market Thermach products through its network of industry contacts and on various international websites.

    Dave Lewisen, Engineering and Marketing Manager for Thermach said, "We are excited about the added reach McLaughlin & Associates offers in the growing tube and pipe remetallizing industry. We recognize the benefits of having a market specialist to introduce tube and pipe manufacturers to a systems which offers lower cost per foot, ease of operation and low maintenance costs. We are very positive and look forward to increased sales in the tube and pipe industry around the world.

    Scott McLaughlin, President of McLaughlin & Associates said. "Adding Thermach to our product offering allows us to further our mission of helping our customers be more successful in their businesses." The AT-400 is a well engineered system which is easy to operate and maintain. Any tube and pipe manufacturer looking to add galvanized tube to their product mix can quickly and easily be up and running with an AT-400 within weeks. Remetallizing the weld seam is necessary whenever running galvanized or aluminized tube. The AT-400 is a great fit for manufacturers with little or no thermal spray experience.

    About Thermach, Inc.

    Thermach was formed in September of 2000 and has since developed a leading reputation for designing and engineering thermal spray systems shipped around the world. Located in Northeast Wisconsin, Thermach is a group of engineers dedicated to providing the best and easiest to maintain and operate thermal spray systems available. Thermach also manufactures the AT-3000 plasma spray system and the AT-1200 line of powder feeders. To learn more about Thermach please visit or call 920-779-4299.

    About McLaughlin & Associates Thermal Spray, Inc.

    Incorporated in January 2008 McLaughlin & Associates offers assistance to the thermal spray industry with dust collection, sound enclosure spray booths, grit blast systems, overspray metals recycling, thermal spray equipment and spares, consumable wires and powders. McLaughlin & Associates also can assist with application development and new product consulting. McLaughlin & Associates specializes in the tube and pipe market and partners with Ventura & Associates to provide experienced advise and products to the industry. Both McLaughlin and Ventura are active in the Tube and Pipe Association, International and are Tube Producing Council members. Visit our booth at Pipe & Tube Pittsburgh, October 3-5, 2010. McLaughlin & Associates is located in Naperville, Illinois.

  • Nomax  Solutions - Tube Handling Products

    Ventura and Associates is the exclusive representative for Nomax Solutions© Tube handling systems. For more information on Nomax© Tube handling systems, please read our news release document:


    Nomax Solutions - Tube Handling Systems


  • Tungsten Carbide Coating

    Ventura & Associates have introduced Thermal sprayed Tungsten-Carbide Coating for roll tooling, in the tube, pipe and roll form industries.

    • A newly designed and upgraded alternative to repetitive roll reconditioning.
    • The Thermal spray process improves the stability and repeatability of roll use while enhancing mill up-time by keeping roll tooling running longer and more reliably.
    • The upgraded feature of the thermal spray technology is the ability to apply coatings on rolls with significantly less heating of the part.
    • As a result, the Tungsten-Carbide coating can be applied to a fully heat-treated, completely machined roll without the risk of distortion, common in many high-temperature coating processes.
    • Typical coatings include Tungsten and Chromium Carbides, Mettalic alloys and Ceramics, such as Chromium Oxide or Aluminum Oxide.

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